Project Introduction

As part of this course, you will work on a pre-built repository for the fictional client Neoflix. The course is designed to be framework agnostic, so although we have chosen a specific framework, the tasks that you will perform will be the same regardless of your choice of framework.

In the early stages you will learn some of the theory required and then use that knowledge to implement a set of features in the API.

Repository Information

We have built a repository that takes care of the boiler plate, so you can focus on implementing the functionality.

  • The project is designed to work with Node.js version 16.15.1

  • Packages can be installed with either NPM or Yarn

  • A web server has been built with Express

Node.js Version and Syntax Choices

For the sake of brevity, this course will use the ECMAScript import syntax as supported in the latest Node.js LTS version. You may also use the require syntax if preferred. For readability, the course will also use async/await syntax.

Get Started

In the next lesson, we will explore the project in Gitpod and and introduce you to Neo4j Sandbox.

Setup the Repository →