Challenge: Native Projection

Now for a challenge.

Create a native graph projection

Create a native graph projection representing people who acted in movies.

You will need to use the gds.graph.project procedure to create the graph projection.

The syntax for the gds.graph.project procedure is:

CALL gds.graph.project(
  graphName: String,
  nodeLabels: List of String,
  relationshipTypes: List of String

The projection should:

  1. Use the name people-acted-in-movies

  2. Include nodes with the labels Person and Movie

  3. Use the ACTED_IN relationship

Once you have created the projection, you can verify that it was created successfully by listing the graph projections in the database:

CALL gds.graph.list() YIELD graphName

Click the Check Database button to verify that there is a projection named people-acted-in-movies and that the task is complete.


You previously used the following Cypher to create a native graph projection between User and Movie nodes with the RATED relationship:

CALL gds.graph.project(
  ['User', 'Movie'],


You can run the following Cypher statement to create the graph projection.

CALL gds.graph.project(
  // Name of the projection
  // Labels of nodes to include in the projection
  ['Person', 'Movie'],
  // Relationship types to include in the projection

Lesson Summary

In this lesson we went over native projections, the easiest graph projection mechanism in GDS.

In the next lesson we will go over Cypher projections, a more flexible mechanism for projecting graphs in GDS.


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