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Importing CSV data into Neo4j

Course Duration
2 hours
Graph Databases and Neo4j Generative AI Processing

Welcome to GraphAcademy, and the Importing CSV Data into Neo4j course.

In this course, you will create a graph database of movies from a set of CSV files.

You will learn how to use Cypher to create nodes, labels, relationships and properties from data in CSV files.

You will explore the different data types in Neo4j and how to cast data of that type.

Finally, you will look at the performance considerations of loading large datasets, including managing transactions.


To take this course, we recommend that you complete these beginner courses in GraphAcademy:


2 hours

What you will learn

  • How to import CSV data into Neo4j

  • The LOAD CSV Cypher clause to import data from a CSV file

  • How to create nodes, labels, relationships, and properties

  • Neo4j data types and how to cast data

  • How transactions affect data importing and how to manage them

This course includes

  • 18 lessons

  • 7 short hands-on challenges

  • 7 videos

  • 2 multiple choice quizzes

Get Support

If you find yourself stuck at any stage then our friendly community will be happy to help. You can reach out for help on the Neo4j Community Site, or head over to the Neo4j Discord server for real-time discussions.


If you have any comments or feedback on this course you can email us on

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