Importing CSV Data into Neo4j

Course Description

Welcome to this Importing CSV Data into Neo4j course. This course has been designed to complete your learning as a beginner to Neo4j. In this course you will learn how to take CSV data from another source and use it to create a graph.


To take this course we recommend that you have taken these beginner courses in GraphAcademy:


2 hours

What you will learn

  • Preparing for importing data

  • Using the Neo4j Data Importer

  • Post-processing for imported data

  • Using Cypher to import data

Neo4j Data Importer Beta

Neo4j Data Importer has launched in Beta and is evolving rapidly. The latest version of Data Importer is here:

While the essence of the product remains the same, the UI will look different in a few places. When following along don’t be too surprised if the product looks different in a few places or ways of displaying information have changed or are different.

Get Support

If you find yourself stuck at any stage then our friendly community will be happy to help. You can reach out for help on the Neo4j Community Site, or head over to the Neo4j Discord server for instant feedback.


If you have any comments or feedback on this course you can email us on