Neo4j Fundamentals

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Welcome to GraphAcademy, and the Neo4j Fundamentals course. This course has been designed to set you on your way to becoming a Neo4j expert. In this course you will learn about the underlying principles that underpin Neo4j.

We will take you on a journey from 1736 Prussia for a brief history of graph theory, discuss the types of graphs you may see in the wild, and walk through an example dataset that we will revisit throughout your journey with GraphAcademy.


You need not have any programming experience to take this course.


1 hour

What you will learn

  • Basic graph theory and the elements that make a graph

  • Graph structures

  • Common graph use cases

  • Elements of a Neo4j graph database

  • How Neo4j implements index-free-adjacency

  • The Movie graph’s data model and data

Get Support

If you find yourself stuck at any stage then our friendly community will be happy to help. You can reach out for help on the Neo4j Community Site, or head over to the Neo4j Discord server for instant feedback.


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