Finding Shortest Paths using Cypher

Module Overview

In this module, you will learn how to use the Cypher query language to find the shortest paths between pairs of nodes in the graph.

Domain model for this course

Throughout this course, we will be querying the graph data science dataset which consists of airports and their geographical information.

Graph Data Science Airport Dataset Schema
  • (:Airport) nodes are identified by a unique .iata property, a .name, and latitude and longitude data held in a .location point property.

  • Airports have an outgoing relationships to (:Region), (:Continent), (:Country) and (:City) nodes which creates a geographical hierarchy.

  • Airports are linked together through :HAS_ROUTE relationships, signifying where it is possible to travel from that airport.

  • Each :HAS_ROUTE relationship has a .distance property which we will use to calculate the cost of travelling between two airports.


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