Identifying a New Label

Now for a challenge.

We need to refactor the model for a new use case:

Use case #4: How many users rated a movie?

We have already identified the Person and Movie nodes for our use cases:

  • What people acted in a movie?

  • What person directed a movie?

  • What movies did a person act in?

Here is our current graph data model:

Model thus far

We have an additional use case that we must model for. We need to be able to differentiate rating website users from other types of people who are actors and directors.

Note: As you go through this course, you can use any technique you want to for drawing out the graph data model. Most people just use pen and paper.

Adding a new label to the model

What label should be added to nodes to identify any Users who have rated a movie?

  • ✓ User


We are looking for a string which defines a single label that can be used to look up any node representing a User in our database.

We already have defined the labels Movie and Person. We want to differentiate a rating website user who rated movies from a person who acted in or directed movies.

Note also that in this course we will use CamelCase as a standard for our label names. That is, the label will begin with a capital letter.


The answer is User.


In this challenge, you demonstrated your skills in identifying an additional label for the graph data model.

The new data model is now:

Model thus far

In the next challenge, you will demonstrate that you can create a node with the new label and properties in the graph.


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