Retrieving Nodes

Now for a challenge.

We are interested in Kevin Bacon.

When was Kevin Bacon born?

Modify the query in the Neo4j Browser window to the right of the screen to find the year that Kevin Bacon was born. This value is stored in the born property.

Once you have found the correct year, enter the year below and click Check Answer.

  • ✓ 1958


The answer is the born property of the (:Person) node.

You can search for the name property by either Filtering the name of the Person node within the MATCH clause or by adding a WHERE clause to the query.

You can either return the entire node or return the born property.


To find the answer, run the following query in the Sandbox window:

MATCH (p:Person {name: "Kevin Bacon"})
RETURN p.born AS answer

Enter the year property from the result into the text box.


In this challenge, you demonstrated your skills to retrieve a node from the graph. In the next lesson, you will learn how to traverse patterns in the graph with your queries.