Adding Properties to a Movie

In the Creating a Relationship challenge, we created a new Movie node for the movie Get Out. However, we forgot to add a a tagline or release year.

If you execute the code in the sandbox window, it will return the Movie node, but the tagline and released properties have no values. That is, these properties have not been added to the node.

Write the Cypher code to find this Movie node and add the tagline and released properties for the node with the values below.

  • tagline: Gripping, scary, witty and timely!

  • released: 2017

Validate Results

Once you have run the query, click the Check Database button and we will check the database for you.


Make sure the Movie node exists for Get Out. Use MATCH to find the Movie node and then use SET to add the properties using the reference to the node. Use a comma (,) to separate the properties you are adding.

For example: MATCH (x.Label) SET x.firstProp = "xxx", x.secondProp = yyy

You can do a subsequent MATCH to confirm that the node’s properties have been set: MATCH (m:Movie {title: 'Get Out'}) RETURN m

If you view the node in table view, you will see the properties.

Hint: the released property is an integer, not a string.


You can run the following query to set the tagline and released properties for Get Out.

MATCH (m:Movie {title: 'Get Out'})
SET  m.tagline = 'Gripping, scary, witty and timely!',
     m.released = 2017


In this challenge, you demonstrated that you can add properties to a node. In the next lesson, you will learn how to add or update properties when a node is created or retrieved.


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