Finding Emil

Now for another challenge.

It looks like something strange has happened to our database. Either Emil Eifrem is a multi-talented Graph Database company founder and actor, or we have some bad data in our database.

Which movie has Emil Eifrem acted in?

Use the Neo4j Browser window to the right of the screen to modify the query and find the answer.

Once you have found the title of the movie, enter the title below and click Check Answer.

  • ✓ The Matrix


The answer is the title property of the (:Movie) node.

You can search for the name property by either Filtering the name of the Person node within the MATCH clause or by adding a WHERE clause to the query.


You can use the following query to find the title of the Movie that Emil is listed as acted in.

MATCH (:Person {name: "Emil Eifrem"})-[:ACTED_IN]->(m:Movie)
RETURN m.title AS answer

Click the Run in Sandbox button to reveal the answer in the Sandbox window.

Enter the year property from the result into the text box.


In this challenge, you demonstrated more skills in traversing the graph to discover the movie that Emil acted in. In the next lesson, you will learn some more ways that you can filter your queries.


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